SMRI Green Energy

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Vision Mission & Values

Act together now and build the carbon-free world of tomorrow.

SMRI Green Energy offers renewable energy producers a complete asset management solution to maintain and improve their performance over time.

We support the players in the energy transition by improving and sustaining the performance of their production tools.

Our commitments

Faced with the challenges facing the planet, SMRI Green Energy aims to be a Responsible Energy player by offering its services to companies with a low ecological footprint.
Concerned about the challenges of sustainable development, SMRI Green Energy promotes economic development that is both relevant and socially responsible, while minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment through eco-responsible solutions.

This approach is associated with the values ​​that make up the brand's DNA, which are:

Preserving the health and well-being of its employees.

The realization of a quality service in order to satisfy its customers and guarantee the sustainability of the company.

The desire to offer innovative solutions in a virtuous loop of continuous improvement.

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